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Soma Breath Therapy


Soma Breathwork induces coherent and ecstatic states in the mind and body through ancient pranayama breathwork techniques coupled with specific music to alter your brainwaves and induce a sense of euphoria.

This combination of rhythmic beathing, vibrational music and positive affirmations can bring you into a state of self hypnosis where deep transformation comes with ease.

This meditative breathwork increases your life force and vitality, reduces stress by relaxing the nervous system, and raises your vibration, bringing you into a coherent heart space where you have increased power for creation.

By breathing consciously you can tap into your own innate healing and creative power, lifting you beyond stresses and anxieties and bringing you back to centre.

Soma Breathwork can be done in groups or on a 1:1 basis, contact for booking.

About Conor Kelly

Conor is located in Dublin Ireland. He is passionate about helping you to overcome any obstacles to your health and wellbeing.Conor has trained under various Colleges of Chinese Medicine both East & West,Body Intelligence Dublin and National School for Remedial Therapy. He is an expert in Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral and Chinese Herbal Medicine


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